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Architecture results from listening to the culture within.

Venezuelan born, Italian & New Zealand citizen; Belfiore Bologna obtained his Architecture degree from the Central University of Venezuela in 1997 followed by a Postgraduate Specialization in Architecture and City Technologies for Urban Areas in Developing Countries from the Polytechnic of Turin, Italy (1999). His architectural work comprises projects of different scales and uses (residential, commercial , industrial & renewable energy systems) in Italy, Venezuela, P.R. China and recently in New Zealand.

Belfiore is an International Associate of the American Institute of Architects (Hong Kong Local Chapter), he also keeps his registration as an Architect in Venezuela under the local Board of Engineers (CIV, Colegio de Ingenieros de Venezuela) as well as his membership in the local institute of Architects (CAV, Colegio de Arquitectos de Venezuela). In New Zealand, he practices as LBP-D2 and is a provisional member of the NZIA as well as a member of the ADNZ and NZGBC. His company; Design Factum Limited began operations in Christchurch since April 2010.

His approach to architecture portrays a high consideration to achieving deep understanding of the way of life and cultural background of the buildings' final users as well as the specific functional requirements, local conditions, site-specificity and building performance. Formulating strong concepts based on deep insight regarding peoples' way of life, habits, specific cultural requirements and customs as also by coherently and innovatively solving functional and site requirements are a key component of his work.

Energy efficiency and alternative systems for applying renewables in buildings is directly related to the approach above mentioned; being these technologies site and project-specific; their application (single or combined) is always analyzed according to their true feasibility. Prior to starting Design Factum; Belfiore was involved in renewable energy projects of up to 25Mw, developing a sound understanding of this industry and therefore its' true case-by-case possibilities when being considered .

what we offer


Preliminaries, Feasibility & Concept

The beginning of a new project
Our initial meetings are the beginning of a deep exploration regarding our clients true needs and expectations, defining a brief that will reflect as best as possible what our clients truly want without falling into a restrictive approach. Our goal is to set the foundations for a great process towards developing a striking concept that answers accurately to the defined requirements.

Preliminary, Developed & Detailed Design

Ideas under development
Upon confirmation of the concept; the process of preliminary design sees the development of layouts, building masses and a more elaborate solution; our approach encourages meetings and coordination with local authorities, engineers and mostly every related party at this stage as collaborative design signifies the key to better control of the project at later stage.

Documentation & Building Consent

From confirmed design to building permit
Structural systems, enclosure systems, services, etc have been selected and confirmed; The process of documentation sees the production of consent and construction drawings, details and specifications. Our approach to this process is currently being evolved towards Building information Modelling as the industry is gradually shifting to this system.

Procurement & Contract Administration

Construction process with care
Different projects require different approaches to tendering, procurement, contract administration and observation of contract works. We encourage our clients to consider these options since early stage of design as different types of contracts are better suited to different scales and types of projects, our approach aims to accompany and guide our clients throughout all processes.