Trimax China Industrial Complex

More than just a factory...

The project consisted in a main building of 20.000 m² divided in two levels, 4.000 m² of it destined to company's diverse corporate uses including, a Design Workshop, Reception Area, Administration Offices, a Show Room, Client meeting rooms, Corporate Offices and CEO's office. The remaining 16.000 m² were destined to production lines and the mere industrial facilities. The project began in 2006 and finished construction in 2008.

Trimax China is a Huzhou-Based company producing garments and accessories for diverse renowned brands worldwide; being an industrial project in this region; the building masses were already decided based on the company's production requirements, site location and local regulations; the Owners expressed their commitment to achieve a complex that would differentiate itself from the vast mass of industrial buildings that were being constructed in the region.

Initial concepts were discussed based on the existing company culture and the one to be created one the complex would've been finished. The complex included another building of canteen use for workers and managers as also a dormitory for workers.

Diverse corporate protocols needed to be analyzed and addressed in order to allow for the Chinese protocols of business to continue being nourished and encouraged while also ensuring that business with its' western counterparts, its' protocols and development could also be followed in the same building; appropriate distribution of the areas while ensuring departments and clients' privacy at any moment of their negotiating process.

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