Feasibility, Concept Design & Development

The beginning of a new project

Our initial meetings are the beginning of a deep exploration regarding our clients true needs and expectations, defining a brief that will reflect as best as possible what our clients truly want without falling into a restrictive approach. Our goal is to set the foundations for a great process towards developing a striking concept that answers accurately to the defined requirements.


The culture within.

We strongly emphasize in understanding the values, way of life, cultural inheritance and habits of the final users while also analyzing the functional requirements, site, case-studies, etc. Each project to us is different in nature as each person is unique; our approach does not considers these elements in a superficial way, instead; it aims to go as deep as possible in order to gain o sound understanding that will act as a strong base for the concept to be formulated.


Different Scales and Requirements.

Our approach towards concept formulation fosters a strong exploration of each possible aspect that can help us detect what the main challenges of the site and future use will be; we encourage this approach to every project regardless of its' use or nature as this to us is what makes the true difference if aiming to achieve a striking proposal.

Both examples of above and below were approached with a similar nature regardless of the different scale and use; constant conversations with clients and other related parties are crucial at this stage.



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